Aluminum Siding Refinishing / Painting in Cleveland Ohio

Aluminum Siding Refinishing / Painting by:
B.P. Refinishing Co., Inc.
1114 N. Court St.
Medina, Ohio 44256

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You Don't Have to Live With Faded, Worn, Or Discolored Siding Any Longer.
At last! Thanks to modern, high-pressure spray painting technology, you can restore the original beauty
and luster of your home's metal siding... or change it's color to suit your own individuality...
at a cost 70% to 75% less than the cost of new siding!


Aluminum Siding Refinishing by B.P. Refinishing Co., Inc. has combined the sophisticated techniques of automobile painting with the chemistry of today's modern paints to provide homeowners with a newer, faster, and "smarter" way to repaint their aluminum or steel-sided homes - in a few days.

When you deal with Aluminum Siding Refinishing by B.P. Refinishing Co., Inc., you don't have to lift a finger.


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Extensive preparation before the refinishing process

The same home after a beautiful refinishing from B.P. Refinishing
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We do everything:

Scrub and wash the old siding.

Apply caulking wherever needed.

Repair or install new siding, gutters, shutters, etc., wherever needed.

Spray application of two coats of high-quality, modern formula aluminum siding paint.

Paint all trim and details, as specified by owner.

Complete cleanup.

The entire process takes just three or four days, depending on weather and the amount of detail work you desire.

We take pride in meeting your needs with fair prices, professional service, quality materials, and personal attention which demonstrates our commitment to your satisfaction.

Aluminum Siding Refinishing Specifications

Spray entire house with 100% biodegradable soap. Hand scrub.
Only premium quality paint is used, with no additives. Use of any additive will void paint manufacturer warranty.
Powerwash with 3,500 psi 190° Hot Water (thoroughly removes all chalk, dirt, and soap).
Family owned and operated. (No sub-contractors) Full-time Professional Refinishers.
Hot water pressure washing is far superior to cold water washing (Try washing dishes with cold water).
Fully insured Proof of Liability insurance and workers compensation coverage (with current dates shown to each customer).
Recaulk all windows, doors, and open joints.
Shutters and awnings refinished (two coats) off the house and re-installed.
Mask all not to be painted surfaces completely.
All items removed from the house for refinishing process will be re-installed (light fixtures, house numbers, etc.)
Spray 2 coats (allow first coat to set up then apply second coat) of premium quality 100% acrylic latex paint. Sherwin Williams Super Paint 20-year warranty.
Greater Cleveland's only siding refinisher to use hot water pressure washing.

B.P. Refinishing Co., Inc.
1114 N. Court St.
Medina, Ohio 44256
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